Patented Magnetic Mounts

Easy-Install Mounts

Before Innovate, DIY security installations were known to be complicated and time consuming. Things have changed! With Innovates patented magnetic mounting system, installing one of our security and smart automation systems is simple for all. 

Innovate’s magnetic mounts, coupled with our complete system build process, solve the complex time consuming nature of DIY installations. If you can peel the backing off a strong adhesive and firmly press our mounts against the desired wall location for 20 seconds, then you have all it takes to install one of our systems. 

Our systems are delivered fully programmed and activated, taking “complexity and time consuming” out of the installation process. We even eliminated all networking needed, and improved the security of our clients video camera network with our comprehensive system build process.

If you move, don’t worry about taking the mounts off the wall, leave them for the next Innovate Security for Life client. Simply call or email our team and we will send new mounts to your new home or business free of charge.

And lastly, with our mounting system, taking your system down for its next home or business location can be done in minutes, making our systems the first portable monitored security and automation system available in the industry..  

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