Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do thieves break in most often?

We can’t answer that for every state but in Oregon (where Innovate is based) a crowbar is often used to pry open a door. Garage exterior man doors are a prime target. This door is typically out of sight and often have lower quality locks installed.

What if I don't plan on staying in my house for very long. Is a temporary security system possible?

Our systems can be set-up fast and are designed to be easily portable to your next home or apartment. Innovate also does not require long term contracts and monitoring services are available through us wherever you end up.

Is it possible to get the very basics for home security and add to the system later?

Yes, even if the system does not cover every entrance or access to a home, having a few sensors and a controller is far better than no security. Once the controller is in the home the system can be expanded easily. And, most importantly is big system or small system, using it religiously is key.

How is buying professional quality video security different than off the shelf video security systems?

We can only answer this for our systems:

  1. Network Data Security of video images.
  2. Reliability and Quality of image and control of images.
  3. Integration-Video is most effective when it is combined with intrusion systems telling the cameras to video when it matters.
  4. Ease of use through software that is easy to use and well designed.
  5. Longer warranty on equipment and support.

If power is cut to the home or business is the security down?

No. Most security panels have an internal back up battery providing temporary power is the power fails. The size of the system and size of the backup battery determine how long the system stay operational during a power failure.

If internet service is interrupted does the security system still dispatch authorities?

Yes. We use what is called dual path technology for our systems meaning that there are two ways the panel can communicate with the central station. Communication by Cellular is primary with the internet as a backup comm.

Can everything in a security system be controlled on a mobile phone?

Yes. With our security everything on the systems we provide can be controlled through a mobile phone app or PC.
This includes arm, disarm, video, locks, thermostats and more.

Can one system cover detached buildings? Like shops, guest houses…

Yes. Innovate has a number products designed for multiple structure properties. Even when they are far apart.

Why would need more smoke and CO detectors if they are already installed in multiple places in the home?

There is a big difference between smoke and CO detectors required by code and the type used in professional-grade security systems. Security system smokes, and CO detectors will dispatch the proper authorities in an emergency. Having one of each at a bare minimum is a very good idea.

My panel is beeping and won't stop. What's going on?

We have answered thousands of these calls over the years. A beeping panel means that the panel is trying to tell you there is or was a problem that needs to be addressed. It will need to be resolved or cleared. If the beeping is due to a past event clearing, it will stop it from beeping. If it does not go away, there is an ongoing problem affecting the integrity of the panel or system. If it is not something you can resolve yourself, call your security provider.

Video Security

Can you have video security without a monthly fee?

The short answer is no. In order for the backend software for the video to work, there is a monthly fee associated when working with Innovate.

How broad a view do security cameras have?

This depends on the cameras type but we recommend security cameras with at least 120 degrees of view out of a 360 degree total.

Do gate security cameras require trenching to lay power lines?

In the past this was the case. Currently, if there is power at the gate, trenching is not necessary. If there is no power, then solar is an option that can be used instead to avoid trenching.

Can security cameras get easily damaged due to weather?

If you don’t choose professional grade equipment like Innovate products then yes. Best to make sure the cameras chosen are iP66 rated. This means the enclosure protecting the camera is pressure tested and is unlikely to leak. Also best to position cameras with some cover or under an eave to avoid excess wear and tear.

Do motion lights interfere with cameras at night?

Motion lights can help cameras capture better night vision images and also increase the distance the cameras will view in the dark. They can also create a halo if not placed in the right spots relative to the cameras. We recommend the placement of the motion lights to be above the cameras. This placement uses the lens cover to avoid the light from the motion negatively interfering with the camera image quality.


Can monitoring be set up to only dispatch at specified times?

Yes is can with our systems.

Why is there often a one-time setup charge to establishing software and monitoring service?

We have this fee or charge and it is $60.00, and here is why. Setting up the software and monitoring service accounts are two critically important items when designing and building a professional-grade security system. This is a case where details can be life and death. Thoughtful entry and attention to detail is extremely important making sure this step is done correctly. Taking the extra time to get it right is why we have a one-time set-up charge.


Can all HVAC systems be controlled with security panels?

Can remote garage door control be part of a security system?

Equipment Specific Questions

Category: General

Yes both security panels work with amazon Alexa and google assistant. Once you activate your account you should be able to connect through your Google Assistant or amazon Alexa app.

Category: General

The Innovate panels require to be plugged into an outlet, they have a backup battery in the case the power goes out.

Category: General

Door contacts are mounted on the side opposite the hinges. Also known as the same side as the handle or door knob.

Category: General

Motion detectors have a wide view. The ideal location in the large/great room would be a corner. You can also place them in long hallways.


Category: Qolsys

Panels should be centrally located in your home near an electrical outlet to ensure adequate coverage to all sensors in every direction.

Category: Qolsys

The IQ Panel 2+ uses cellular connection and WiFi as backup to keep you protected 24/7.

Category: Qolsys

Every IQ Panel 2 includes Z-Wave Plus, a special technology that allows you to use up to 128 smart home devices like lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers, and more.

Category: Qolsys

First order the keypad. To pair the keypad use the default dealer code 1111. This opens up the installer toolbox and allows you to sync the keypad. Choose installation>then devices>Wifi devices>IQ Remote devices. Then press the pair button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the new keypad is already connected to the Wifi signal. On the new keypad follow the same pattern.

Category: Qolsys

Yes, you can arm and disarm a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 from your phone. Using the interactive service. The user will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to Only alarm monitoring plans that offer cellular connectivity include service.

Category: Qolsys

With Qolsys sensors there should be a tab at the top that you push in and pull apart the sensor, exposing the battery placement.

Category: Qolsys

Yes we prepare your sensors to your panel and should arrive out-of-box-ready. Moreover we have pre-labelled each sensor so you know where it goes.


Category: 2GIG

Panels should be centrally located in your home near an electrical outlet to ensure adequate coverage to all sensors in every direction.

Category: 2GIG

Yes, GC2e does require a carrier module upgrade when sun setting of a cellular carrier technology takes place.

Category: 2GIG

That beeping is the exit delay after arming your system. The panel is telling you that it knows its armed and is expecting you to leave.

Category: 2GIG

At the bottom of your sensor should be a single screw. Unscrew it, pull the sensor apart, and it will expose the battery area where you can put in replacements.

Category: 2GIG

Yes all your security system components should come programmed out-of-box-ready thanks to our fulfillment center.


Category: ARLO

For outdoor use place your Arlo cameras where you want to keep an eye on blindspots. Access areas like doors and windows are a good idea, but you can avoid being redundant if you have other sensors or devices like doorbell cameras in place.

Category: ARLO

It depends on how much traffic your targeted area gets and how sensitive you set the device. We recommend running permanent power to your high traffic areas.

Z-Wave Automation

Category: Z-Wave automation

It depends on the range of the panel. 2GIG is limited to 300 feet while the Power G feature of Qolsys can extend to 1500 feet.

Category: Z-Wave automation

It’s called a mesh network, meaning the more Z-Wave items you have the more range your system has. Each Z-Wave item acts as a repeater.

Category: Z-Wave automation

It works as long as the panel has Z-Wave technology.

Innovate Professional Monitoring

It is recommended that you choose a code that is easy for you to remember, but not easy for someone else to guess. It is not recommended that you use a birthday code, an anniversary, or something similar.

Your abort code is a word or phrase you provide to the central station to stop a dispatch of authorities from taking place. This is word or phrase is only for authorized individuals with access to the security administration of your home or business. It must not be given out to anyone that is not authorized to stop a dispatch of emergency response to your home/business. It also should be easy to remember but specific to only your system. As far as storing, make sure it’s in a place that generally only you or authorized users have access to.

With a simple call to Innovate your system can be placed on test mode for a given length of time. No dispatch will occur during this time period and complete system testing for function and potential false alarms is possible and recommended. If you have pets or small children, sensors should be placed out of their general reach.

Magnetic Mounts

Yes click here to see our adhesive testing summary.

Yes click here to see our magnetic interference summary.

Make sure your surface is free of dust and debris. Wipe the surface with a damp towel and then follow up with a dry towel. For vertical walls press firmly on the mount for 10 seconds. For ceilings press firmly for 30 seconds.