To Help our Clients Create Safer Homes and Businesses with Easy, Affordable & Professional-Quality Security Systems.

The Innovate team took a hard look at what was being offered in the Security and Home Automation marketplace and concluded there was a large gap. The gap was an offer to consumers in the market for higher-quality Security and Smart Home Automation that was very easy to install. Consumers needed a simple and affordable way to take the worry out of a safe living environment for their families. Through innovation and re-thinking the norms for security and smart home automation systems, our team worked with clients and successfully developed something entirely new. Systems that are professional grade, encrypted, very easy to install, and include the entire suite of security and smart home automation options. We added a lifetime warranty on intrusion equipment, with monitoring and continued customer service as the fundamental backbone of our offer. The end result is our suite of products allowing customers to eliminate worry about the safety of their homes and businesses.

2GIG Edge Return Home

Our understanding of a security offer is very different from other companies; we see it as an opportunity to work with clients and help them take control of the safety of their homes and businesses. Our goal is to provide products, knowledge, and design help for the entire suite of security and intelligent home automation products. And to offer these services with lower costs by eliminating expensive labor charges and hidden monitoring fees. We start with the well-being of our clients and their loved ones as the primary principle behind every system we design. We demonstrate this by making security and life safety the foundation of all smart home system design. Our mission is to build lifelong relationships with our clients by providing  “Safer Home Automation & Security for Life!”


24/7 Protection

The safety of you and your loved ones is the reason we operate. Innovate “Security for Life” believes that when thinking about security and 24/7 protection, the conversation starts with removing the worry about life safety. Every system comes with life safety monitoring. These products (Monitored Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors) are included in our kits to ensure life safety for all customers. We know that we take monitoring for life safety and intrusion more seriously than companies offering “self-monitored” systems. Please ask yourself this question: Have you ever seen someone carry themselves out of a home or building after being hindered by carbon monoxide or smoke inhalation? Our $30 per month monitoring fee grants you the best in life and intrusion protection and removes the worry over life safety.


Our Products Make Feeling Safe a Reality

Our twenty-five years of experience have given us the insight to create kits that use only reliable, professional-grade products. Far more than entry-level products, our systems are professional quality and fully expandable to meet the needs of our clients. Our products make feeling safe a reality.