Innovate DIY Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We offer only the latest in professional smarter home automation and security products available today! We know our industry very well and we understand how fast technology changes. Keeping up with the advancements in technology is critical to keeping our clients safe.

Easy to Install Through Design and Engineering

Making the installation and set-up of your system truly easy is something you can only get with an Innovate Smarter Automation and Security for Life System! With the magnetic mounting equipment from Innovate installation time is cut in half and very few screws or drills are needed.

Professional Grade Equipment

Our team comes from a twenty-year background in custom smart home automation and security. We are keenly aware of quality, reliability, and the importance of our products performing as our system design dictates. Only the very best in professional-grade equipment is used to build the systems we offer to our clients. That’s an Innovate guarantee!

Why Do We Only Design Encrypted Systems?

The security of your home, business, and family is only as good as the fundamental security of the system that is being used to protect it. Encryption allows our team to sleep at night knowing we have designed the best system possible to protect what is most important to you.
encrypted security systems

Comprehensive Does Not Have To Mean Expensive

The greatest benefit to getting an Innovate Smarter Home Automation and Security System for Life is that you are getting systems that in the past you could only have installed by professional technicians charging $100 plus an hour for their time. We engineered the labor right of the systems you can now easily install yourself. We like to think of this as providing our clients with Smarter DIY Automation and Security for Life!

Innovate’s Security Manufacture Partners

At Innovate we have partnered with the premier technology companies in the security industry. Our goal is to bring you products that are innovative, safe, and meet the self install criteria that makes your DIY experience excellent.

Our two security product lines are Nortek, the makers of 2GIG security systems and Qolsys Security. We chose the advanced accessory lines including the E-series encrypted components for 2GIG and the S-line 2 way encrypted with Power G feature which means extended component range. What this means is that your system is more secure and has encryption on as many components as each company produces.