Our Technology

Innovate’s Security Manufacture Partners

At Innovate we have partnered with the premier technology companies in the security industry. Our goal is to bring you products that are innovative, safe, and meet the self install criteria that makes your DIY experience excellent.

Our two security product lines are Nortek, the makers of 2GIG security systems and Qolsys Security. We chose the advanced accessory lines including the E-series encrypted components for 2GIG and the S-line 2 way encrypted with Power G feature which means extended component range. What this means is that your system is more secure and has encryption on as many components as each company produces.

To complement these lines we chose Arlo as our surveillance camera partner. Arlo has what we consider the best DIY camera system on the market. Please be aware that Arlo systems do not integrate with your Qolsys or 2GIG systems. They are stand alone complementary components.