Panic Buttons and Emergency Fall Pendants

Innovate's panic buttons and emergency fall pendants provide quick access to help anytime you’re at home.

Panic Buttons and Emergency Fall Devices

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Panic Buttons and Emergency Fall Pendants

Portable Panic and Emergency Buttons can be used to help in many emergency situations:

  • Medical help
  • Break-ins
  • Deterrents from harm
  • Help aging in place relatives
  • Mental health crises

Innovate panics can be silent or audible depending on how you want to utilize them. The devices can notify or dispatch selective responding authorities. The buttons can be permanently mounted at doors, cash registers and hidden easily in discreet locations or worn around the neck or wrist or placed by the bedside for peace of mind. Multiple panic devices can be used on a given site location like at a school or business.

How Emergency/Panic Buttons fit into the security and automation platform we have designed.

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PNW Installation Services with DIY Shipping Options Nationwide

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We are headquartered in Central Oregon but serve the entire Pacific Northwest with install or maintenance services. We can also ship pre-programmed systems, panic buttons and emergency fall pendants directly to you for DIY installations!