Home Security and Automation

Depending on the layout of your home we can customize systems to meet your exact needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your project.

For some products we strongly recommend engaging professionals like an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber. If you choose to have us handle the install we will coordinate with those professionals to get the job done and not charge any additional premium on top of their fees.

The Home Security and Automation Platform

innovate security system platform for central oregon

Professional Grade and Patented Equipment

security systems camera central oregon
We only offer top of the line encrypted products to our customers. Our patented magnetic mounting technology makes installation fast and easy.

Transparent Pricing and Low Installation Costs

affordable and transparent pricing on security systems in central oregon
Low, transparent prices on equipment are listed below. View pricing for both the Innovate Pro install and DIY options.

PNW Installation Services with DIY Shipping Options Nationwide

services and shipping for innovate security
We are headquartered in Central Oregon but serve the entire Pacific Northwest with install or maintenance services. We can also ship pre-programmed systems directly to you for DIY installations!

Equipment and Installation Pricing

security systems camera sisters oregon

Self Install Price Innovate Install Price
security system smart tablet  Control Panels
Innovate Smart Control Touchscreen Tablet $499 $699
  Security Cameras
Smart Indoor Outdoor 1080 Day Night $275 $275 + electrician
Smart Indoor Outdoor 1080 Day Night (w/Voice) $299 $299 + electrician
smart co2 sensor icon  Life Safety
Smart CO Detector $149 $260
Smart Smoke Detector $132 $230
smart mesh wifi security router icon  WiFi Security
Smart Security Router (**required for video security**) $249 $435
smart security and alarm icon  Security/Alarms
Smart Deadbolt $299 $299 + locksmith
Door Contact Brown or White $31 $54
Window Contact Brown or White $31 $54
Smart Motion Sensor $77 $135
Smart Glass Break Sensor $140 $245
Smart Garage Roll Door Contact $51 $90
Smart Shock Sensor $62 $108
smart thermostat control icon  Temp Control
Smart Touchscreen Thermostat $349 $349 + HVAC tech
Smart Thermostat $202 $202 + HVAC tech
High Low Temp Sensor $48 $83
smart lighting control system icon  Lighting Control
Smart Dimmer $62 $62 + electrician
Smart Outlet $62  $62 + electrician
Smart Wall Adapter AC $70 $123
water detection sensor and shut off control icon  Water Detection
Smart Water Valve Shut Off $432 $432 + plumber
Smart Flood Sensor $83 $145
smart panic button icon  Emergency
Smart Panic Pendant $56 $98
Smart Fall Pendant $100 $175

Monitoring and Video Cloud Services

One time monitoring setup fee (Covers all devices and cameras) $60
All devices listed plus up to 4 cameras $40/month
All devices listed plus 4-8 cameras $60/month
More than 8 cameras contact us

Our Process for Home Security and Automation Systems

Go from free quote to a fully installed and customized security system in a couple weeks.

1 – Set-up a Free Onsite Risk Assessment

Reach out at 541-948-0207 or complete this contact form to setup a time for Graham to come out for a free onsite visit to your home or business in the Northwest. If you live outside the Northwest contact us to set-up a remote walk through of your property. During the assessment, he’ll make the judgement if an electrician needs to get involved and what systems will work best for you.

2 – Innovate Provides a Free Quote

After his visit, Graham will put together a formal quote. You’ll have options based on your conversations and the layout of your property.

3 – Customizing and Programming Your Security System

If you approve our quote we will order all the needed parts and go to work on programming your system. Normally this takes less than 10 days and during this time we’ll coordinate with an electrician if needed to get your home or business prepped for the installation.

4 – Professional or Self Installation Options

Graham sets up a time that works best for you to come out and install your system. During this time he’ll train you up on how to use the system and access your ongoing 24/7 monitoring services powered by Alarm.com.

5 – Activate Ongoing Monthly Monitoring

Your system will be programmed and synced to your monitoring services the moment it is installed.

Rest Easier Knowing Your Protected

You now have professional grade technology with Graham and the Innovate team ready to help if anything comes up along the way. Never hesitate to reach out!

Complete Home Technology Solution

The term “home security system” is outdated, or at least it is with Innovate Security for Life. Yes, what we provide to customers provides security, but it stretches far beyond what many see as traditional security systems.

Our platform offers customizable options for intrusion detection, video surveillance camera integration, life-safety smoke, panic, carbon monoxide detection, temperature/water detection, door locks, thermostat, and lighting control. Customers now not only have the option to protect their homes and families, but they can view their homes from their phones and control the locks, heating, cooling, and lights remotely. And all of this is controlled by one application on their mobile handset. Even better, the monthly price for the customer has decreased steadily even with the added features and options.

Easy to Use Platform

Home security today does not need to be complicated to understand and use or take hours to install as it used to. Advances in technology have made the products we offer simple to use, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. We always enjoy watching a homeowner open the application on their phone for the first time to see all the video, security features, and home control they have through one simple app.

Advances in home security technology have also aligned with the changing nature of how we live and travel. Remote video, system operation, and notifications provide information allowing homeowners to easily control activity even when they are traveling or not at home.

Manage Day-to-Day Life with Peace of Mind

Our systems allow parents to see when their children get home from school with a simple notification sent to their phone with a video and a text that the door was unlocked.

Access Control

Homeowners can allow friends or guests to gain access to the home within a few seconds by opening the app on their phones and disarming the system, and unlocking the door.

Smart Lighting

Worrying about whether your home looks like it is empty is also easily remedied with the use of a few controllable dimmers that add to our home security systems. Setting lighting scenes and timing lights to turn on and off can all be controlled remotely through a mobile phone or personal computer.