Smarter Home Automation

We can all agree that Smart Automation is cool! Yet, in years past, Do-It-Yourself Smart Automation has often been problematic for home and business owners alike. Innovate understands this complexity and has spent the time and done the research necessary to simplify and streamline adding automation components to our comprehensive DIY systems.

One example of this is solving compatibility issues between automation equipment. All the parts listed below and on the Innovate site are compatible with the main panels we carry. When you purchase a system and automation part on our website, you know they are going to be compatible. Additionally, Innovate has made it possible for security, video, and automation to all be managed through one app on your smartphone and/or PC.

We have also designed our customer installation process to inherently solve Z-wave reception issues when learning in new devices to the panels we carry. Our proprietary panel mounts allow the panel to be easily removed from the installed location and carried to the new automation device, making the learn-in process simple and avoiding frustration for our clients due to Z-wave reception issues.

At Innovate we know the details matter when it comes to our clients having a successful DIY installation experience and our team has taken the time to make easy installation a reality.