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Millennials are smart. In fact, I would argue not only are they smart but they are also pioneering. I am not a millennial so don’t think that this article is some self-aggrandizing way to celebrate my own demographic. As a fifty-year-old engaged in creating products that appeal to Millenials, I have spent countless hours in meetings all centered around how millennials think differently on many levels than other demographic groups. The topics range from purchasing behaviors to how to manage millennials as employees. What has become clear is how millennials approach almost everything is very different than what is traditionally expected. What I have come to understand and appreciate about the millennial way of life is that the only ones pulling their hair out trying to figure out why they don’t operate like the rest of us is the non-millennial. 


Being an entrepreneur myself, engaged in new approach opportunities, and most often thinking about things differently, I have come to the conclusion that millennials are “demographic entrepreneurs.”  I don’t know if anyone has ever coined that phrase before but I sure like it. What I mean by this is that they are willing to evaluate how things have been done in the past and different or not, chart their own course bending it to fit their desired outcome. Some would call this problematic, I consider it smart and pioneering. And now that millennials are the largest purchasers of goods and services it is up to us non-Millenials to meet them where they want us to be.  


One of these meeting points is the idea that renting an apartment or condominium is a better option than owning a home. You may ask,  “But what about the American dream of homeownership?” My answer is simply, did you own a home in 2008? Or how many hours have you spent mowing the lawn or trying to figure out why a zone in your sprinkler system isn’t working? It is this line of questioning that leads me to a new level of understanding and appreciation for millennial thinking. It’s that very willingness to look homeownership right in the eye and say, “not for me.” And taking it one smart step further, applying pressure to the rental market to provide a product that has the features and benefits the millennial wants and expects. High on that list of features is technology. But not just any technology, affordable, and durable technology that simplifies and enhances lifestyle.


This is precisely the area that I have spent the last two years focused on, developing innovative new products for a new category I am calling “apartment smart technology.” It’s the idea that you don’t have to be a homeowner to have smart home technology as part of your lifestyle. Think of it as a blend of cutting edge technology with a solid value proposition that is flexible in that you can install it yourself and take it with you when you move. Apartment Smart Technology gives you all the automated features of a smart home, but with lifestyle flexibility built into the product design. 


Considerations included, easy to set up and take down without causing damage to a rented living space. High-quality technology that has the latest in automation technology like Bluetooth disarming touchless disarming and high-resolution video. Providing the same level of backend service and a better warranty on equipment with the understanding that there is absolutely no difference between a customer that is renting and a customer that has purchased their home. My company, Innovate Security for Life Inc. is founded on the idea that there are many approaches to lifestyle but there is only one approach to how to treat the client. Coming from a background in traditional security and home automation products focused on traditional lifestyles and homeownership, just like millennials, I chose to change direction and pioneer a new method of doing business and an innovative way of thinking. Keep in mind that what you see now on our site is only the start of an entire line of innovative Apartment Smart Technology products. Visit innovatesfl.com for more information and to learn more about our innovative products.