Magnetic Interference Testing

When we developed our patented magnetic mounting system, we wanted to make sure the magnetic force didnt cause any interference or compromise the integrity of your security system. First we contacted the manufacturers of 2GIG and Qolsys to consult with our technical advisors. They expressed no concerns but encouraged us to perform our own evaluation. We developed a battery of tests to evaluate not only the devices that would be installed on the mounts, but also with the security panel itself.

First we ran the system as anyone would right out of the box and measured the sensor signal diagnostics. Then we attached very powerful magnets directly to the devices. To maximize the testing integrity, we ran these tests with magnets significantly stronger than the force needed to mount the panel. After looking at the system logs to see the signal loss in the devices, we noted a loss of no more than 5 dBm. This is a very minimal signal loss that did not impact the ability of the security system to work as needed. After stress testing the system, we saw no difference in product functionality or reliability.

In conclusion, based on our rigorous testing protocols you should have no concerns about any magnetic interference.

Warning for people with pacemakers or implanted cardiac defibrillators:

The Innovate mounting system comes integrated with magnets. Please be aware that magnets can interfere with the function of these devices. According to the American Heart Association the recommendation for people with a pacemaker or ICD should avoid close or prolonged contact with magnets and magnetic fields. Keep magnets at least 6 inches from the location of the implanted device.

If you foresee an issue with our magnetic mounting system simply call us and we will assist you in placing a special order without the integrated magnets.