Adhesive Testing

One of the promises Innovate makes is the easiest installation on the market. To accomplish this we have designed and patented a magnetic mounting system. Your components arrive pre-integrated with magnets and a corresponding steel mount for each item. The mounts use 90lb capacity tape which we tested for hold integrity. The summary of our testing is as follows:

In our testing environment we went above and beyond the conventional forces that our mounts would experience. We placed the mounts on walls and ceilings similar to the average dwelling with both smooth and textured surfaces. Additionally we varied the surface temperatures at placement by 30 degrees. All surfaces were cleaned and wiped with a damp towel and then dried before the mounts were placed on them. The mounts were stressed with water weights that were equal to three times the weight of our heaviest devices. In two tests we went as high as six times the normal weight. Results: All maintained structural integrity and the adhesive strength held.

Innovate’s recommendations: When attaching mounts to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, make sure to clean the area with a damp towel and wipe it down with a dry towel. On ceilings for all mounts peel the adhesive and press on the surface for 30 seconds. On vertical surfaces press firmly for 10 seconds.  Before magnetically attaching your new security system permanently it is our recommendation that you allow 24 hours to maximize adhesive bond strength.  For maximum cure time leave 72 hours, particularly on ceiling mounted items.