Are Security Systems Worth The Money?

Are Security Systems Worth the Money?


I can’t make the case that I am unbiased, given that I have been in the security industry for more than twenty years, now CEO for my second security industry company I can at least lay out a good case for the benefits of purchasing a security system based on my experience. To begin my efforts in persuading you to purchase a security system, I am going to list my top ten reasons why security systems are worth the money, and are an investment in your home or business worth making. 


Top 10 Reasons Security Systems are Worth the Money:

  1. Well-designed life safety and security systems can save your life and save the life of your loved ones, including your pets.
  2. The cost of life safety and security systems is extremely small relative to the cost of an intrusion event, burglary, fire, or water damage disaster.  
  3. Homes and businesses targeted by criminals most often do not have security systems of any kind.
  4. Security systems are the most undervalued systems in your home due to a lack of understanding of their capabilities.
  5. The life safety features of a security system work whether the system is armed or disarmed. 
  6. Current code required life safety systems are problematic and unreliable due to the methods used to install these systems, the location of the devices, and poor unmonitored maintenance protocols used by most businesses and homeowners.
  7. Insurance companies studying the statistics of property loss understand that security systems reduce claim amounts, and will provide discounts to homeowners’ insurance plans with installed life safety and security systems. 
  8. The price and ease of installing security systems continue to improve, making the entry price point and purchase accessibility of security systems easier for home and business owners. 
  9. The quality and reliability of security systems have improved with the advancement in technology, limiting the number of false alarms dramatically.
  10. Realizing you should have installed a security system after an intrusion, fire, or preventable disaster will not make you feel any better.


Top 10 Reasons Why Purchasing an Innovate “Security for Life Inc.” Security System is Worth the Money:

  1. The management at have been in the security industry for more than twenty years. We have provided trusted monitoring of security products and services for thousands of clients, builders, and developers.
  2. provides dual-encrypted high-quality systems with ongoing monitoring and service in the DIY or self-install security marketplace.
  3. has created the systems and patented mounting equipment to make installation of advanced life safety and security systems easy to install and maintain.  
  4. offers professional-grade systems at a lower price than hiring and scheduling local security professionals to install a system.
  5. Purchasing a professional-grade system from is faster and easier than hiring and scheduling the installation of an equivalent quality life safety and security system.
  6. Through experiential learning, pays attention to the details of both products and services.
  7. takes pride and cares about the clients, families, and businesses we serve. Our goal is to provide ongoing “Security for Life.” 
  8. Like our name, will never stop innovating and improving our services and our product offers.
  9. understands that when you purchase a life safety and security system through our e-commerce site, it is not a one time sale. We invest in an ongoing relationship with our clients.
  10. We love what we do and take great pride in protecting lives, homes, and businesses with the products and services we offer. 


In my opinion, security systems are absolutely worth the investment, and purchasing a system from my company, Innovate “Security for Life Inc.,” is also a good investment. Our team has designed security kits to fit multiple variations of client needs. For example, a condominium owner may only need one motion sensor, a couple of door sensors, a smoke detector, and a carbon monoxide detector for a complete life safety and security system. Whereas a family building their dream home on a five acre parcel of land with three separate buildings will need many sensors, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, and systems capable of automating doors, thermostats, and security camera video data. Innovate’s security kits are designed to handle an extremely wide range of client needs with an understanding that client needs change over time and that our products need to be adaptable and expandable for these changing needs. 


Now let’s take a look at what creates a good value when thinking about a life safety and security purchase decision. In years past, quality systems could only be found through experienced local security companies and required scheduling coordination, many hours of labor at well over $100.00 an hour, and often wall and ceiling damage due to invasive wiring of the needed equipment. Technology and some innovative thinking have opened the door for professional quality systems that can be easily installed without wiring and damage to the walls or structure of your home or business. Add this simplicity and ingenuity to a comprehensive offer which includes: ongoing 24/7 professional monitoring of your system and alarm event response coordination with a full line cutting edge products such as doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras, motion sensors, garage door alerts, glass break detectors, and door/window sensors. The value proposition for home and business owners becomes exponentially better. 


Home security systems of the past were often only considered necessary for higher-end custom homes and businesses. Technology and the continued reduction in equipment cost combined with direct fulfillment through e-commerce purchasing and simplified self-install have not only changed the perception of what type of home/business should have a security system, but it has also eliminated the barriers to entry for an ever-increasing population needing security protection. In the years ahead and technology continuing to improve, not having a security system installed in your home or business will be considered rare. And with insurance companies paying closer attention to the reduction in loss statistics for homes and businesses with professionally monitored life safety and security systems it will most likely become a requirement for obtaining home and business property insurance. 


Technology has not only brought the price down and reduced the barriers to entry of life safety and security systems, but it has also created a pathway for the convergence of smart home automation with life safety and security systems. Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology now available in products like the Qolsys IQ2 security panel allows for the integration of smart home technologies of all kinds including the following: smart arm and disarm through mobile handsets, remote thermostat control, remote outdoor camera viewing with data storage, entry doorbell cameras and alerts and even control over opening and closing garage doors remotely. The convergence of technologies is what clients are asking for with simple ease of lifestyle additions integrated into the life safety and security systems being purchased. Companies like Qolsys are paying close attention to these trends in consumer behavior and lead the security industry in offering products providing more than just the protection of homes and businesses. This attention to consumer demand will continue to drive innovation in the industry and convergence of systems designed originally to protect lives and property into systems that not only perform the originally designed intent but also simplify living through incorporated smart home automation technologies. I envision a security landscape in the future in which, for roughly a dollar a day in monitoring costs, end-users have security systems that provide a full range of automation technologies for all smart devices in their home. Considering the broad scope of lifestyle improvements with automation, built on the backbone of life safety and security protection, the monthly fees start looking very small relative to services and lifestyle improvements that are provided to the end-user.

Home security panelThe key to the success of the industry is placing security at the center of smart home automation. Security is the level of customer service provided by equipment and monitoring providers. If done correctly, strong lifelong relationships with customers can be built. The ongoing expansion of systems to include new technologies will not only benefit the end-user but also the vendor through continued purchasing and system expansions. It is this concept that has been my focus while building Security systems are a good idea, I don’t think there would be much argument on that point, but security systems can be more than just a good idea. In my view, it is the relationship between my company and the clients we serve that is at the heart of our success. We can sell our customer’s security systems and monitoring, but I see the true value in our offer as what our tag-line illustrates. “Security for Life,” is the concept of building a strong relationship with our clients through continued service and support including creating awareness of new technologies that can simplify and protect lives and property. I don’t see an awareness of this concept in the current DIY or self-install security marketplace and I have tasked my team to make this our core value proposition through service and action.


My answer to the original question, “Are Security Systems Worth the Money?” is a biased yes. I am in the industry and run a company that provides eCommerce security solutions to clients. What these systems provide is important, necessary and I believe undervalued due to a lack of feature understanding. When I look at my own home and care for my family and pets, I can’t think of another system within my home that serves such an important purpose. Yes, the hope is that the system will never need to dispatch authorities for fire or intrusion, but knowing that I have a comprehensive quality system in place if that need ever arises is peace of mind that I am willing to pay for. I have consulted on thousands of homes and businesses over the years. I have observed that the existing code smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed are inoperable, removed, in a drawer or even hanging off the wall or ceiling by a wire with the empty battery enclosure open. If I can make a small difference to change this unfortunate common occurrence and provide our clients with a product that works as intended and simplify living through technology, I will view my career as a success.