Why professional monitoring? It can save lives.

Okay, I get it. Save $20 or $30 a month by monitoring your own security system. Sure, it’s just another monthly bill you don’t have to pay. But let’s break this down one step further and consider some of the reasons you may want to skip a few Uber Eats deliveries and keep the security monitoring instead. The conversation around security systems is always about the criminal trying to break into your home or business. Yes, this is one reason to have a security system but in my opinion, not the most important. The first two items on your list for security should be monitored carbon monoxide detector and a monitored smoke detector. Notice, I did not say self-monitored carbon monoxide, and smoke detector and here is why… I have never heard of anyone carrying their own self out of a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Having a monitored smoke detector and a monitored carbon monoxide detector can save your life or the life of your kids, mom, friend, babysitter, sister…. I could go on, but I am guessing you get the point.

Many potential clients I talk to don’t even realize that monitored smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are always monitored. Whether the system is armed or disarmed, those sensors will signal a dispatch to the fire department and potentially save lives. Think about this carefully. $30 for Uber Eats or knowing your loved ones are safe and sound. When weighing your options, think life safety first.