Innovate 2GIG 2e Secondary Touchpad


The 2GIG TS1-e is an additional wireless touchscreen keypad that connects to your GC2e to make home automation and security much easier from wherever you are in the house. Providing easy access to controlling your smart home devices and security system. This secondary keypad is ideal for a DIY security system, preprogrammed and connected to your GC2e panel out of the box it is ready to make your security easier.

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  • Includes Innovate’s Patented Magnetic Mounting System
  • Full-Color Display
  • Same User Interface as GC2e
  • Simple One-Touch Home and Emergency Navigation
  • Easy to Use Z-Wave Functionality


  • 2GIG GC2e Secondary Touchpad (TS1-E)
  • Nortek 2GIG-XCVR2-345 900 MHz Transceiver (Inside Main Panel)
  • 3 Innovate Easy Install Magnetic Mounts