Easy DIY Smoke, Heat and Freeze Detector w/ Magnetic Mount


The 2GIG Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Detector is top of the line for wireless life safety, combining three essential security devices into one and complete with full encryption. We recommend one or two of these per floor at a minimum.

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Three sensors in one device that you can install yourself in minutes. Life safety is highly recommended as one of the most important additions to any professional-grade security system and when you get it from Innovate it comes pre-programmed, labeled to a specific location, and ready to start working in minutes.


  • Meets new UL217 8th edition and UL268 7th edition requirements.
  • Recognizes smoke from synthetic materials
  • Monitors and communicates excessive temperature variations
  • Rate of Rise alert is sent to the panel and a siren is triggered once the room temperature is 104 ̊F and the temperature rises 15 degrees or more in one minute.
  • Extreme Temperature Alerts
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • Innovate Easy Install Magnetic Mounting