Portable Panic/Help Button


The panic button remote is a single button that sends an emergency signal directly to your panel alerting the monitoring station and the authorities to respond. Your panel doesn’t even need to be armed to use this panic button, this device is crucial in a break-in or personal emergency.

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The Innovate Panic/Help Button remotes are pre-programmed, portable, and come with necklace or wrist attachments. Customers have also used these devices as a permanent wall or desk mounting options using Innovate’s patented mounting plates.  Excellent device to have by entry and exit doors and in various locations around your home or business.

Also an excellent device for wellness and aging in place. The device can be programmed by Innovate prior to shipping to dispatch help or simply notify a key contact in your home or business that help is needed. This small inexpensive device saves lives and has a multitude of applications. Please keep in mind the device does need to be at the home or business location and in range of the main controller to comunicate.