Pet-Friendly Security Systems for Bend Homes

In the picturesque city of Bend, Oregon, where the love for pets runs as deep as the Deschutes River, homeowners seek security solutions that protect their homes without compromising the comfort of their furry companions. Traditional security systems often overlook the nuances of a pet-inclusive household, leading to false alarms and unnecessary stress. Innovate's security systems are designed with pet owners in mind, offering advanced technology that discerns the innocent activities of pets from genuine security threats.

Intelligent Motion Detection

There are more pets in Bend than ever and a common challenge for pet owners is finding a security system that won’t be falsely triggered by their pets’ movements. Innovate addresses this concern with intelligent motion detectors that are capable of differentiating between pets and people.

Innovate’s Solution: Our motion sensors are equipped with pet-immune technology that can be programmed to disregard the presence of pets up to a certain size and weight. This feature ensures that your pets can move freely around your home without causing false alarms, while still maintaining a vigilant watch for human intruders.

Customizable Security Settings

Every pet and home is unique, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach to home security doesn’t work. Homeowners need the ability to tailor their security systems to fit the specific habits and behaviors of their pets.

Innovate’s Solution: Our security systems offer extensive customization options. You can adjust sensor sensitivity, create pet-friendly zones, and even set specific arm and disarm schedules that accommodate your pet’s daily routine, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

Protecting your pets means securing both the interior and exterior of your home. Outdoor surveillance can help you keep an eye on your pets when they’re enjoying the backyard, making sure they’re safe and sound.

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Innovate’s Solution: We provide a suite of indoor and outdoor security cameras and sensors that deliver complete coverage of your property. Our high-definition cameras, complete with night vision, allow you to monitor your pets around the clock, indoors and out.

Remote Access and Real-Time Alerts

For pet owners who spend time away from home, the ability to check in on their pets remotely is invaluable. Real-time alerts and remote monitoring capabilities give you the power to stay connected to your home and pets from anywhere.

Innovate’s Solution: With our user-friendly mobile app, you can access live camera feeds and receive instant notifications of any activity detected by your security system. This allows you to quickly determine whether it’s just your pet having fun or if there’s a real security concern that needs attention.


Innovate’s pet-friendly security systems are the ideal choice for Bend homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their homes without compromising the freedom and well-being of their pets. By choosing Innovate, you’re selecting a security solution that recognizes the importance of your pets and provides the adaptability to create a secure, pet-friendly environment.

For more information on how Innovate can provide a pet-friendly security system for your Bend home, contact us at 541-948-0207.